Advocacy for Afghan immigrants

Advocacy problems of Afghans living in Iran

Over the years, many Afghan refugees and asylum seekers have migrated to Iran due to the long wars and lack of employment, which according to statistics is not small. During the Iran-Iraq war due to the civil war in Afghanistan, the highest percentage The entry of Afghan immigrants to Iran has been recorded. During these years, the country’s borders were opened to Afghan immigrants by the order of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the IRGC and Basij were obliged to cooperate with these neighbors.

Population of Afghan Immigrants in Iran


Advocacy for Afghan immigrants
Advocacy for Afghan immigrants

According to statistics published in 2016, there are about 1,500,000 Afghan refugees in Iran, which should be considered much more than this number because this number is related to legal immigrants and it can be easily said that even more There are so many illegal immigrants in the country that most of the legal problems are related to this group, which we will discuss in more detail below.
It is worth mentioning that Afghan immigrants do not live in a specific city in Iran and are scattered in Iranian cities. According to statistics, most of them live in Tehran province and then in Khorasan Razavi province.

The number of Afghan students in Iran has increased every year and there is a good interaction between Iranian universities and a number of universities in Afghanistan, and in terms of trade, we have witnessed a significant growth in trade between the two countries in recent years.

Legal problems of Afghan immigrants in Iran

Given that a large population of Afghan immigrants are present in Iran and make up about 4% of the total population of Iran, it causes major attention to be paid to the problems of these immigrants in the country, which in many cases for various reasons these migrant workers. In Iran, they are willing to waive their rights but do not go to court to review their rights.
According to the legal system of Iran, immigrants have all the rights provided by law, except in cases related to citizenship, such as not having the right to participate in elections in Iran, the impossibility of employment in the government and the lack of political rights.

Reasons for the unwillingness of Afghan immigrants to pursue and get their rights

It has been observed that many immigrants in Iran have difficulty obtaining their rights and instead of going to legal circles and filing a case, they are easily willing to waive their rights but do not go to court, which is rooted in problems such as residence issues. , Lack of sufficient legal information and …. that in this article we try to introduce a corner of these problems and solve these issues.

1- Illegal presence in Iran

As mentioned above, many of the immigrant population in the country are illegal immigrants who cross the border with great difficulty and reach Iran.
Because immigrants in the legal circles of the country need to have a citizenship number to pursue their legal and criminal problems, many of these illegal immigrants are afraid of facing the law and in cases where they have problems with someone, they prefer to refer to Do not follow the legal method and even waive their rights so that they are not tried according to the law of the Islamic Republic and are not returned to their country.

2- Lack of trust in the laws of Iran and fear of revoking the residence of legal immigrants

Another group of immigrants who even have a citizenship number in the country and have legal residence also try to stay away from legal circles in Iran as much as possible due to their presence in another country and fear of patriotism by Iranian judges and officials. And in the face of problems, they prefer restraint to judicial prosecution.

3- Lack of sufficient information about the laws of Iran

According to studies, it is easy to see that for reasons such as the long wars in Afghanistan and poverty, very few of these immigrants had the opportunity to study and education, and many immigrants who crossed the border illegally between the two countries. And when they enter Iran, they are usually immigrants who are not very literate and are foreign to the laws of Iran.
According to the laws of Iran, these immigrants can not choose a suitable job in the upcoming job opportunities and reach high levels in their jobs and management. For this reason, a high percentage of the population of workers in Iran are Afghan immigrants who are looking for It is not the teaching and learning of the law that this issue and the alienation from the law have made it easy for them to waive their rights when they can pursue their rights.


Afghan Immigrants in Iran
Afghan Immigrants in Iran

Advocacy problems of Afghan immigrants in Iran

1. Difficulty in receiving immigrants’ claims from their employers

As mentioned above, a large number of immigrants are engaged in honorable labor jobs in Iran, but since according to the laws of the country, large and legal projects are usually not allowed to use immigrants, following this issue, these loved ones turn to projects and They bring illegal buildings to work, which due to the lack of legal circles in the country on these buildings and projects, the way of paying salaries is not legal and can be followed, and usually takes place in a two-way conversation between the employer and the workers. There are not enough documents in the payment and receipt of salaries to take a complaint to the legal circles, and the fact that most of these immigrants are in the country illegally and are afraid of being arrested and returned to their country adds to the reasons for not pursuing immigrants’ rights. .

2. Accidents and accidents at work or so on

According to statistics, due to the lack of jobs for immigrants, this weak group turns to labor, in which they are forced to give a reduction in their wages in order to get a job compared to their Iranian counterparts, and based on what was said above, many Immigrants are involved in illegal projects and buildings that do not comply with safety principles and regulations, and when an accident occurs to these immigrants because the building or project is not insured and has not complied with safety principles and regulations. , The employer refuses to accept payment of fines and treatment costs to the injured person, and usually employers arguing that these immigrants are often in the country illegally and do not complain to the courts for fear of arrest and trial. Employing these loved ones in high-risk jobs.

3- Afghan prisoners in Iran

Many Afghan immigrants are imprisoned in Iran due to the illegal entry of many immigrants into Iran and other illegal issues such as drug trafficking, etc. and sometimes some of them for many years for reasons such as lack of information about the law. Iran and lack of access to a lawyer are in prison.

Ali Mohsenzadeh _ International Lawyer

Ali Mohsenzadeh, a basic lawyer in a judiciary, with sufficient knowledge and expertise, can follow all the affairs of immigrants in the country.


Ali Mohsenzadeh - Lawyer of Afghan Immigrants
Ali Mohsenzadeh – Lawyer of Afghan Immigrants


All immigrants, including Afghans, etc., who have concerns and problems with the judiciary, law, family, property management, etc. They can leave all their issues to us by contacting us through one of the suggested ways on the contact us page.

8 November 2020
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