Family lawyer

Family lawyer

The concept of family

In the general sense of the family, it is a group of people who are related to each other through a series of desires, place of residence, blood, and so on
According to the United Nations, a family is a group of two or more people who live together, have a common income to provide food, livelihood, and other necessities of life, and are related by blood or marriage

Family lawyer

Family lawyer is one of the disciplines of law, which can be easily and according to statistics, is one of the most important and widely used disciplines in law
A family lawyer is a lawyer who has special expertise and experience in family lawsuits, divorce, dowry, alimony, child custody and financial issues to help people and help them achieve their rights
Since this field of law has its own subtleties and resolving its issues in the courts is one of the most important and specialized cases, so it needs to have an experienced and well-known family lawyer in this field

Family Lawyer - Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office
Family Lawyer – Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office

What are the characteristics of a family lawyer

Nowadays, due to the great variety and complexity of family lawsuits and the enactment of new laws, it is always necessary to have an expert family lawyer, and before that it is necessary to know the characteristics of a good family lawyer in order to choose a suitable lawyer for these basic and important issues
Usually, based on experience, when a person has a family problem, he or she will go to a lawyer without knowing it, which is wrong, as it is expected that the case will not go ahead and problems such as failure in the case will occur
In this regard, in our previous articles, we have explained about the features and how to choose the right lawyer. It is important that you read this article before referring to a lawyer and entrusting your lawyer to him, and choose your lawyer with an open mind
In addition to having good legal characteristics and work experience, a family lawyer must also be experienced in providing family counseling so that he or she can be mentally and emotionally treated by his or her client at a time when people are usually mentally challenged. And he was responsible for the situation so that in addition to the legal solution of the issue, he could also help the client mentally

The most important family lawsuit


Divorce means the legal dissolution of the marriage and the end of the couple’s life together, during which all the rights and obligations that the wife and the city have to each other are removed
Due to the fact that the laws of Iran are derived from Islamic law and jurisprudence, according to this law, a man has always had the right to divorce a man. Be strong
Divorce has different types and different conditions, which we will explain in full in our next article


Dowry can also be considered as one of the main family lawsuits. After divorce, many women usually go to lawyers to get their dowry and try to get their dowry
Dowry or honesty is a sign of a man’s sincerity in marriage and marriage. When a marriage or Islamic marriage takes place, the man is obliged to pay the so-called dowry
According to the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Article 1082, a woman is sealed at the time of the owner’s marriage and can have any possession in it
There is no set amount of dowry in Iranian religion or law, and anything that has a financial price can be used as a dowry for a woman. Set the financial price, be


Alimony means living expenses such as household items, housing, food, medical expenses, clothing, etc., which are borne by the man at the time of permanent marriage
There are also conditions for a man to pay alimony and receive it from a woman, which will be considered if the woman asks the man in court
It is worth mentioning that alimony is only the responsibility of the man in a permanent marriage, and there is no alimony in a temporary marriage unless it is stipulated at the time of marriage

Among the conditions for giving alimony to a woman

 Special obedience : Having marital relations by both parties 

  General obedience : The wife’s obedience to her husband in the affairs of life and the residence of the wife in the home of her husband’s life

The amount of alimony payment is based on the amount of income of the man and the social and family affairs of the woman
Failure to pay alimony by the husband to his wife will create the right to divorce for the wife, and the wife can go to court and complain to her husband for not paying alimony for 6 months, and if the man does not pay attention to the sentence. The court issues a court order to withdraw the man’s alimony

Family Lawyer - Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office
Family Lawyer – Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office

Custody of children

Generally, custody of children after divorce is one of the first and main requests of parents
Custody in the literal sense means maintaining, nurturing and educating children, which is also important in the new laws on family protection and civil law
According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, custody and custody of children after divorce is the responsibility of both the father and the mother of the child, unless one of them has died, or in any way refuses to accept custody of the child, or is subject to jurisdiction by the court. The custody of the child should be revoked
According to the law, child custody is based on the age limit and the age of puberty of the child, based on the age of 9 years for girls and 15 years for boys
After the divorce of the couple until the age of 7 (reaching the age of 7, not finishing it), the custody and maintenance of the child, whether boy or girl, is the responsibility of the child’s mother, and after the age of 7, this responsibility is the responsibility of the child’s father. At the age of puberty, each of his or her own children can determine which one to entrust their custody to
It should be noted that during all the years that the custody of the child has been entrusted to the mother, all the expenses are borne by the father, and the father of the child must bear the expenses of his child

Family Lawyer - Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office
Family Lawyer – Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office

Claim and return of dowry

According to the laws of the country, there is no definition of the dowry or dowry of a girl in the law
Dowry is a set of accessories that a girl brings to her husband’s house to use and decorate her living space
According to Islamic law, a girl has no duty to bring a dowry to her husband’s house, and it is entirely up to the man to provide all the necessities of life, but given that bringing a dowry by a girl to a common place of residence in most parts of Iran. It is common for couples to have disagreements after divorce
Given that a woman has no duty to bring a dowry with her, if she brings a dowry to her husband’s house, it means helping her husband to start living, not giving the husband and the husband the right to use the property. It does not apply to property ownership, so it cannot object to a woman’s request to return her dowry, either during her life or after her divorce, because she has been the real owner of the woman’s dowry from the beginning

Family Lawyer - Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office
Family Lawyer – Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office