International Lawyer and Adviser

Ali Mohsenzadeh, an international lawyer with a history of studying and accepting cases abroad

وکیل بین الملل-علی محسن زاده

Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office

International lawyer and consultant

Providing the best legal advice and services with the highest quality, relying on knowledge and experience

Representation of Iranians abroad

Accepting the power of attorney of compatriots abroad with full control over the rights of the destination countries

Studied abroad

Has a lawyer’s license and specialized documents in the field of international advocacy
علی محسن زاده- وکیل پایه یک دادگستری

Accepting representation in Arab countries

Ali Mohsenzadeh International Iranian lawyer in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf

Ali Mohsenzadeh Basic Lawyer of a Judiciary With sufficient knowledge and expertise and extensive experience in the field The International It can follow all the affairs of Iranians working, owning (land, property, etc.) in the countries of the Persian Gulf.

Law Office services Ali Mohsenzadeh For Iranians living in Arab countries

  • Providing telephone and online consultation from Saturday to Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00 Iranian time

  • Tracking the property and assets of Iranians living abroad in Iran (buying and selling, etc.)

  • Follow and accept Family Advocacy(Marriage and divorce of Iranians with their Arab wives, custody of their two children, etc.)

  • Accepting representation and pursuing legal matters, including defending the lawsuits filed against her, as well as filing complaints against individuals representing her

  • Follow up and resolve issues related to the travel ban

  • Other legal issues of Iranians living abroad ……


Family lawyer

Advocacy for Iranian and Arab marriage

وکیل بین المللی_دفتر وکالت علی محسن زاده

Real estate agency

Representation of Iranian civil affairs in Arab countries

وکالت امور کیفری اعراب

Criminal lawyer

Representation of criminal affairs of Arabs and Iranians living

وکالت امور حقوقی اعراب


Advocacy for the legal affairs of Arabs and Iranians living