Representation in Turkey

Ali Mohsenzadeh International Lawyer

Ali Mohsenzadeh, a basic lawyer in Turkey and Iran

with a history of several years of legal and criminal activities and with the necessary mastery of the current laws of both countries, is ready to accept legal advice, contract and represent in the courts of both Iran and Turkey. has it.

Ali Mohsenzadeh

Advocacy and family counseling

Power of Attorney

Advocacy for legal affairs

Advocacy in criminal matters

About a lawyer

Ali Mohsenzadeh Basic Lawyer of a Central Judiciary
Member of the Bar Association for more than 10 years
Successful experience in a variety of litigation
Master of Private Law
Graduated from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands
Accepting advocacy and consulting in the field of international affairs in the UAE, Turkey
Experience taking specialized law courses in Belgium, the Netherlands and France

Holds an international degree in planning and pursuing international lawsuits in international and domestic courts

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