International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

What is the International Chamber of Commerce or ICC

History of the ICC

The International Chamber of Commerce, or ICC for short, is the largest international organization founded in 1919 in Paris and began its work
icc is an international and non-governmental organization that is the most important business partner of the United Nations, it is said that hundreds of thousands of private companies from different countries are members of this organization

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)


Objectives of the International Chamber of Commerce

The main goal of this institution is to increase and promote global trade, based on which many banks, insurance companies, transport companies, trading companies and 3. from more than 130 countries are members
Since the transactions of companies of different countries in the international arena may be problematic and sometimes lead to disputes and lawsuits, there should always be an international body to act impartially and as a judge between these companies and affairs. In this regard, the ICC was established, consisting of lawyers and international arbitrators

The Chamber of Commerce has 16 important and basic commissions that have a great impact on international trade and commerce, some of these commissions are

Banking Commission
Transportation Commission
Tax Commission
Arbitration Commission
Insurance Commission
Power Commission
Environment Commission
Trade Commission
Communications Commission
Law Commission
Marketing, Advertising and Distribution Commission
Property Commission

Iran ICC Committee

This committee was established in 1342 and stopped for a while in the midst of the revolution until in 1985, by order of the government, the ICC of Iran resumed its activities
This committee works with the aim of increasing trade and expanding economic fields in the country

Among the activities of this committee, the following can be mentioned

Assistance in conducting international trade economic activities
Provide general policies for resolving international disputes
Control and coordination in international economic relations in all industries, mining, trade, investment
Establish partnership and coordination with other international ICC member committees for economic growth
Full and continuous attendance at World Council meetings to coordinate ICC global activities
And other effective activities in investment and international trade

Commissions of the icc of Iran

Legal Commission
Insurance Commission
Banking Commission
Electronic Commerce and Telecommunications Commission