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Who is an international lawyer

An international lawyer is usually considered and prosecuted when a person who is a citizen of another country in another country has a legal, criminal, family or other problem
Usually, people in other countries, because they are not familiar with the laws and mechanisms of that country, immediately go to an international lawyer in order to solve their criminal legal issues
Because the laws of the countries are different and the courts are different, the best way to avoid more serious problems is to turn your case over to an experienced international lawyer
It is sometimes a mistake for the general public that an international lawyer means that a lawyer is allowed to work and practice law in several countries around the world, which is completely wrong because in general a person cannot be polite in several different countries. And there are different laws in the case of advocacy, and at the same time there is no international body that can issue licenses for international advocacy for lawyers
So, according to the explanations, an experienced international lawyer is a specialist lawyer who has the ability to manage and resolve international disputes and with the ability to speak several languages, he can guide his client according to his knowledge according to the laws of another country. Manage
According to studies and opinions of law graduates, since it has been possible for Iranian lawyers to study in accordance with domestic laws and issues, it is very important and necessary to choose an international lawyer to solve foreign problems


Iranian International Lawyer

In domestic relations and domestic law issues, it is necessary to use an Iranian lawyer familiar with the problem, and there is no need for an international lawyer in these matters, but in foreign affairs, the use of an international Iranian lawyer familiar with the subject is generally required. It is common
An Iranian lawyer is a lawyer who has obtained a power of attorney from the Iranian Bar Association and, in addition to being familiar with domestic laws and legal issues, is also involved in other countries’ legal issues and cases, so that he can be successful in international cases

International Lawyer - Ali Mohsenzadeh

International Lawyer – Ali Mohsenzadeh


International lawyer in the field of contracts and companies

Usually, most of the work of international lawyers is in the field of arranging contracts and companies. When two countries enter into negotiations on a trade issue or agreement, an experienced international lawyer can contribute to the success of the two countries with his knowledge of the laws and customs of the two countries and protect the interests of his client. In the international arena, the client does not suffer losses due to lack of sufficient information about the contracted country

Ali Mohsenzadeh_International Lawyer

Ali Mohsenzadeh_International Lawyer


An experienced international lawyer should

Be fluent in at least two living languages of the world for easy communication with both parties
Having psychological information to better communicate with people
Have sufficient knowledge of international relations
Have sufficient knowledge of international trade law


International Legal Affairs

As discussed in previous articles, lawyers are divided into different categories. International law is divided into two categories: public international law and private international law

Public International Law :  Public international law usually deals with relations between countries and the regulation of trade agreements between two or more countries

Private International Law : Private International Law deals with the relations of natural and legal persons

from two different countries, which generally occur due to differences in laws, culture, social levels and history of countries


Where is the International Court of Justice

According to international treaties, the courts in international cases are the courts in which the case is filed, so the court and the judge in question must examine their jurisdiction and that of the court before entering the case
In matters of war crimes or criminal offenses, the International Criminal Court is the authority
The city center of The Hague, the Netherlands, hosts the International Criminal Court, which deals with issues such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and can be handled by international judges and defended and prosecuted by international lawyers

What lawyers can accept international cases

Any lawyer who has a lawyer’s license can accept international cases and participate in the Supreme International Criminal Court. However, this law is specific to Iran. , To accept criminal, etc., but lawyers who have the documents and experience to accept international cases usually have a better chance of accepting international cases
But in other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and so on. Lawyers have restrictions, and only in their area of ​​expertise can they accept a power of attorney


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