Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal law and related factors

criminal law is a branch of jurisprudence that examines crimes and how they are punished, or in other words, examines social crimes and abnormal behaviors and the government’s response to such behaviors in order to establish social order and security

: The most important branches of Criminal Law are the following

Dedicated criminal law
Dedicated criminal discussions
Representation of criminal matters
Criminal Law Advocacy
International Law
Code of Criminal Procedure


Criminal law-ali mohsenzadeh
Criminal law-ali mohsenzadeh

Publiccriminal matters: Public law discusses the investigation and definition of the concept of crime, types of crime, identification of the offender, punishment and its educational measures, mitigating factors or exemption from punishment

Dedicated criminal law : Dedicated investigation of each crime, their specific characteristics and the relevant punishment for each crime

Criminal Court

The crimes that take place in the society are considered in different judicial authorities according to their importance and sensitivity and the type of punishment prescribed for them in the law. Which one do we have
For criminal matters, except for juvenile delinquency, illicit relationships or so-called immorality and juvenile delinquency are referred to court

Criminal lawyer

One of the most important and difficult judicial issues is criminal matters
Since these lawsuits, in addition to corporal punishment and its effects, have many psychological and psychological effects in the future, in order to determine the punishment for it, in this regard, there is always a need for specialized and helpful people to prevent these harmful punishments
Lawyers who specialize in criminal matters are called criminal lawyers
Having a lawyer can always help a lot in criminal cases so that the case ends in favor of the individual
Ali Mohsenzadeh, a basic lawyer in a judiciary with decades of experience in criminal cases, has always tried to make hi clients successful in these cases

Ali Mohsenzadeh’s law firm, by assessing the needs of the community and based on extensive experience in judicial affairs, provides face-to-face and in-person counseling to clients and represents their cases based on the needs of individuals

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