Law and its science

Law and its science

The science of law and its divisions

Vocabulary and terminology

Rights in the plural of the Arabic word Right and the word Right means the reasonable privilege or desire of an individual in a society or place, and is a set of rules or regulations by the government of each country or social institution to regulate human behavior and character

It is enacted and enforced in accordance with the rule, and provides security, order, etc. in society
the rules in the system of countries are enacted and enforced in a special way that in Iran, the law is enforced by the

legislature, decisions or judicial obligations by the judiciary, and executive letters by the executive branch

Law_Articles Ali Mohsenzadeh, a basic lawyer in a judiciary
Law_Articles Ali Mohsenzadeh, a basic lawyer in a judiciary

Iranian law

In Iran, the rule are dependent on and derived from Islamic law. Islamic law and rules are religious the rules derived from the Bible of the Muslims of the Qur’an

Some believe that Iranian law is not entirely religious, but a combination of religion, the common the rule, and the Roman Romans, which are closer to the German Roman system than the common the rule system

German Roman

Romanesque German is a category of this system that is based on Roman law, in which the law and the development of a set of the rules play a much more prominent role, which is why it is also called written law
And since the elements and rules of this system are mostly formed in the universities and the system of Latin and German countries, and the rule and rules of Rome have a high role in it, it has been called German Roman

Rules in this system are rules that are considered as general rules of human and social behavior and are closely related to ethics and justice

These historical laws set the rules for the regulation of human relations, and due to colonialism these days, they have entered into the laws of many countries, and many countries and territories are governed by this legal system

Common the rule

Common law, known as customary the rule or judicial record, is another type of system that was coined by the British monarchy in the 1060s
Common the rule means common

Judges and tribunals in the United Kingdom have tried to enforce the same law throughout their territory since the enactment and enforcement of sentences in all parts of the United Kingdom in previous years

Divisions of Law

This science is divided into two categories, private and public

Privately to the rules between individuals and publicly to the rules governing the relationship between the state and the people

Among the sub-categories of private law, we can name trade, family, patient, mines, etc

And in general, administrative and fundamental rights are two general categories of public law

In terms of territory

In terms of geographical location, rights are basically divided into two categories: domestic Right and international law

Internally, it is a set of rules that are enacted and enforced in a given country, and external factors do not interfere in it

International the rule is a set of the rule that heads of state follow in their relations with each other

Articles by Ali Mohsenzadeh_Basic Lawyer of a Justice