Problems of Iranians abroad to return

Problems of Iranians abroad to return

Reasons and problems of not returning Iranians abroad to Iran

A simple look at the statistics of Iranians abroad, we will easily realize that, leaving Iran has no return ………………

No return of Iranians abroad
No return of Iranians abroad

but why

Great scientists, successful musicians, the best and most successful doctors, great engineers and huge capitalists are just a small statistical community of millions of Iranians who have emigrated abroad to study or succeed in a particular field. But they have returned to the country

These people are only a very small number of influential Iranians abroad, and Iran is unable to use the capacities of these people
But with a little research, we can easily answer the question why Iranians abroad do not return to their country
Not using all their capacities and expertise

Infrastructure was not ready for further prosperity
Having more freedom of action in a country other than Iranians
Lack of attention of authorities and officials to requests
Fear of creating problems for them upon arrival
Military problem for men

It may be interesting for you to know that the capital of Iranians living abroad is about $ 5,000 billion, which on a simple scale is about tens of times the total budget of the country per year

Not return of Iranians abroad
Not return of Iranians abroad

According to government experts, it should create a ground for the return of elites, scientists, engineers and other Iranians abroad, so that these people no longer have doubts about returning to the country and serving their homeland

Reasons for No return of Iranians abroad, according to Sadegh Ziba Kalam

But according to Sadegh Ziba Kalam, in the field of return of Iranians living, the judiciary has a more colorful role in front of the government

In an interview with reporters, a professor of political science at the University of Tehran said: “Iranians abroad have the feeling that if they return to the country, they will be arrested for reasons and excuses such as acting against national security, propaganda against the regime, and so on.” In this regard, it should take measures to prevent such problems for the return of Iranians living at the time of arrival

He also added that when this platform is created in the society, it can be expected that Iranian capitalists and educated people abroad will be eager to return