international trade law

international trade law

international trading

International Business is in fact the rules and regulations that cover Business relations between countries in the form of exports and imports. In a way, we can say that these conditions and rules are for the time when Business relations cross the borders of countries and another country in It is involved.
International trade law includes two categories of private international Business law and public international Business law.


international Business law
international Business law


History of International Trade

According to what has been remembered from the past, international trade has always existed among the people since ancient times, and merchants from different countries, during long voyages by land and sea, always took their goods and products to other countries and products. They brought the other country back to their homeland and promoted such international Business until today, when you could easily say that no country alone can provide all its needs and that countries always need Business and commerce.

Private International Trade Law

Private international Business law, also known as international Business law, is a part of international Business law that defines Business relations and agreements between merchants and companies in different countries.
International Business law is a set of legal rules, international conventions, and domestic rules and business practices that govern international trade relations.
There are always two groups playing a key role in international trade, one of which has the task of regulating trade relations and policies between countries and determining matters such as international exports and imports, customs affairs, and tariffs and taxes.

International organizations, unions and global institutions such as the World Trade Organization, UNCITRAL, UNIDROW, and the International Chamber of Commerce are part of this group.
The other group is doing business through international contracts.
Examples include traders, companies, contractors and factory owners in other countries. The issues of the first group are related to public international law and the issues of the second group are related to private international law or international commercial law.
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Theories of International Trade

It is worth mentioning that there are many different theories about international Business , the most important of which is Adam Smith’s theory, which states that every country must first acquire the necessary expertise and requirements before entering the market. Slowly
In studying the theories of international trade, you will come across many important theories, such as the theories of international values of Stuart Mill, Hexher and Wohlin, the theory of mercantilism.

Advocacy and legal advice for international trade

Due to the many complexities of the international trade market, an international lawyer familiar with contracts and business affairs is always important and necessary for companies that have international Business relations.
It should be noted that legal issues in international Business include preparing and preparing international contracts and documents, supervising the implementation of international agreements, drafting and defending in international lawsuits, and consulting on international Business issues.
Legal services in the field of international trade are divided into two categories: preparation and regulation of international documents and agreements and legal claims of international trade.


international Business law.



Arranging international contracts

One of the most important and practical issues for international lawyers is the regulation of commercial contracts, because the laws of different countries are different in many provisions and issues and each provision has different effects in the contract, so it always needs a person who covers all aspects of the contract. Consider, define the duties of the two parties to the contract and set the most appropriate and least risky contract.

International Trade Claims

International commercial lawsuits are heard in two jurisdictions, the judicial authorities of the countries and the arbitral tribunals.
In domestic commercial litigation, the rules and procedure for its consideration are always specified, but in international commercial litigation, if the rules are not specified in the contract itself, the authorities designated for litigation must first use legal principles and rules. There is no action to determine them. But the implementation of the issued vote, especially when there is no arbitration vote, has many difficulties compared to the internal votes cast.

Thus, international commercial lawsuits are divided into two categories: litigation, litigation, and arbitration.

Proceedings in the judicial authorities of countries

In dealing with international cases, the judiciary usually deals with it according to the rules and laws of the country, but in international agreements, the basis and rules of how to solve the problem are always determined, with the help of which the court tries to resolve the issue. N.
Lawyers are always required to have a license to practice law in the same country where the trial takes place.

International Commercial Arbitration

Today, reputable Business organizations have been established to arbitrate international trade disputes that play an important role in handling international Business disputes.
In addition to such organizations dedicated to arbitration, lawyers, engineers, and others assist in arbitrating international Business in their area of expertise on a case-by-case basis.