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The best lawyer

In this article, we want to introduce you to the concept of a good and expert lawyer and the strategies for choosing the best lawyer in any case, including legal, criminal and…. Let us know so that you can easily succeed in choosing a lawyer who specializes in your case and follow the process of following the case properly.
. As in any other job, in order to achieve a specific goal, consult and write a lawsuit correctly or follow up the case accurately and correctly in the legal authorities and quickly execute the case process, you should refer to an experienced and expert in this field, ie a good lawyer specializing in that subject. Appeared.


Nowadays, advocacy is affected by two issues in big cities. The first issue is that big cities have a large area, and this size and the vastness of the geographical area makes people usually prefer to go to the nearest law office in their judicial affairs.
The second issue is the issue of the specialization of advocacy, which is a very important issue, as legal issues always have a certain complexity and scope.


For example, in matters related to family lawsuits, such as child custody in divorce, terms of marriage, marriage, dowry, alimony, consensual divorce, They are raised or discussed in criminal matters such as murder, beatings, fraud, betrayal of trust, and so on.
The above are examples that all show the various legal topics and specialization of advocacy. Considering these issues, you should choose the best lawyer in Tehran on the subject of your case from the law offices near your place of residence if If there is no office of a lawyer specialized in the subject of your case near your place of residence, you will have to travel to more remote areas to find these lawyers, but always remember that Ali Mohsenzadeh’s law office as a basic and specialized lawyer Having a lot of work experience in Tehran and other cities in the country and even abroad will help you achieve your goal.


Therefore, if you are a resident of Tehran and you are looking for the best lawyer in Tehran, you can contact us through one of the communication channels listed on the contact us page and find the answers to your questions by us and, if necessary, by determining Arrive at the office in advance and consult with an expert lawyer and, if necessary, leave your power of attorney to them.


Features to choose the best lawyer


The best lawyer in Tehran - Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office

The best lawyer in Tehran – Ali Mohsenzadeh Law Office


When choosing a lawyer, it should always be noted that although the basic lawyers of a court are competent to file all types of lawsuits and defend any case in court, experienced and good lawyers usually work in a specialized field and are fully acquainted with that specialty.
The scope of various legal and criminal cases as well as various lawsuits is such that a legal representative can not show good and complete efficiency in all cases.
The best lawyer is determined based on the type of expertise. Each lawyer is always more experienced and skilled in some legal fields according to his work experience and expertise. Therefore, the best lawyer and the most experienced lawyer in that case should be sought based on the subject of each case.


The best lawyer in any legal field can be recognized based on the following criteria:
Have a long history and expertise in that subject.
Have a high percentage of success in that case.
Have high verbal power and manage the court session.
Lawyer education and experience.


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