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Advocacy in cyberspace

Cybercrime or cybercrime

Advocacy of virtual affairs is one of the important cases of lawyers due to the increase in computer crimes in recent years
These days, due to the easy and convenient access of the people of the society to the Internet and its growing trend, apart from the positive and useful features of the Internet, many problems and abuses occur with this widely used tool, which is called cybercrime or cybercrime. Called
Computer or cybercrime can sometimes be far more dangerous and deadly than other real crimes due to the fact that people’s reputations and property are being targeted. Know the expertise to be able to manage this crisis if there is a problem
Unfortunately, the lack of public awareness about cybercrime and the lack of full knowledge of the Internet environment has led to many crimes occurring in this virtual environment

Familiarity with computer crimes and related penalties

Fake people’s identities and use the identities of others
Computer fraud or fraud on other virtual networks
Annoying others through cyberspace
Theft of personal or legal information
Publish personal pictures and videos of people on the Internet and virtual networks
Theft from bank accounts and other people’s property in cyberspace
Lying false news on the Internet and cyberspace
Insulting and saying insults on virtual networks and the Internet to the other person
Unauthorized access to other people’s accounts and emails

 Advocacyual Space Advocacy - Ali Mohsenzadeh's law office

Advocacyual Space Advocacy – Ali Mohsenzadeh’s law office

Introducing and recognizing some simple computer crimes and punishing and prosecuting them

 Betting in cyberspace and its punishment

According to the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, betting and gambling in cyberspace have become a clear example of criminal offense, and the person who bets and the site that supports betting is found guilty and punished according to the country’s laws
In general, betting in the country, both real and virtual, is a crime and is prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic
According to the law of the Islamic Republic, betting and gambling, both real and virtual, have one to six months in prison and 74 lashes, which can be done according to determining the type of crime
Betting in cyberspace is known as haram according to sharia law and is one of the illegal and haram transactions
In addition to the person who bets on betting sites, the person who designs and launches such sites against the laws of the country is also found guilty and is sentenced to six to two years in prison or from 3 to 12 million according to the law. Rials
will be fined

 Advocacyual Space Advocacy - Ali Mohsenzadeh's law office

Advocacyual Space Advocacy – Ali Mohsenzadeh’s law office

Shooting chat and screenshot and punishing it

Usually, the general public is not aware of this issue or does not take this issue very seriously
In many cases, the general public easily publishes their private chats with others or chats with others and unknowingly suffers from major problems and legal problems
According to Article 745 of the Islamic Penal Code and Article 16 of the Criminal Code, screenshots and disclosures of private chats of criminals are known and punishable. According to this law, offenders are sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and a fine
This disclosure of information can be in the form of photos, videos, text, recorded voice, e-mail, telegram, etc., and all of the above can be accepted as evidence from the complainant
Also, according to the law, threatening to disclose private information to individuals and any act that leads to the loss of personal reputation has 74 lashes and two years in prison


Dissemination of obscene images and related penalties

According to the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, publishing images, content, video, etc. Opponents of both the individual and others have been convicted of cyberbullying and have been punished
According to Article 14 of the Computer Crimes Law, the publication of any obscene material and its promotion in cyberspace is prosecuted, and the publisher is found guilty and punished in accordance with the law

According to the law on publishing these issues, he has 91 days to two years in prison or a fine of 5 to 40 million rials
In addition to the above, any publication of a picture or video of attending parties, drinking soft drinks, pretending to do unlawful acts, or doing anything else that harms public decency is a crime under the law. It is a punishment

 Advocacyual Space Advocacy - Ali Mohsenzadeh's law office

Advocacyual Space Advocacy – Ali Mohsenzadeh’s law office

Publishing false content on the Internet in order to disturb the public mind

According to the Islamic Islamic laws of Iran and according to the law of cyberspace, publishing false and deceptive materials in order to disturb the public mind is considered a crime and the publisher will be confronted according to the laws
If a person publishes false news in a cyberspace environment, whether in the language of another person or in the case of a person, the purpose of the law is to disturb the public mind and in accordance with the law. It is confronted
According to Article 18 of the Computer Crimes Penal Code, whenever a person disrupts public order by publishing false news, he is sentenced to 92 days to two years in prison or a fine of 5 to 40 million rials


What lawyer should I consult with and what problem should I have

In any case, the best counselors and lawyers are those who specialize in that subject, so if we feel threatened about a cyberspace issue and need to consult someone, the best choice are lawyers who have worked in that field and specialize
In order to choose a lawyer and represent your cyberspace, we must observe some things in order to achieve the best results
Specialized resume of lawyer in the required field
Consult with people who have gone through similar situations and get help from them to choose the right lawyer
The amount of each consultation fee and the required expenses
Having a lawyer can always be a great help in computer crime cases, so that the case will ultimately benefit the individual
Ali Mohsenzadeh, a basic lawyer in a judiciary, has always tried to succeed his clients in these cases by having many years of experience in virtual affairs files
Ali Mohsenzadeh’s law office evaluates the needs of the community and based on many experiences in cyberspace affairs, provides face-to-face and face-to-face counseling for clients and advocates for their cases based on people’s needs

To make an appointment and visit the office, you can contact us by visiting the contact us page
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